Yes Futures

On the 10th May we launched our latest Community Campaign, giving money back to charities across the UK.

We asked entrants to tell us about a specific project they had either started and needed more funding to achieve their objectives, or a project they planned to run. The standard of entries was so high and we really appreciated the time taken to write each and every one of them.
Our panel of five judges considered a shortlist of 40 charities and after debate and discussion came up with our three winners, Yes Futures, Little Lifts and Oakleaf Enterprise.
Yes Futures were our top prize winners and the judges were really impressed with their entry. Their project supports deprived children in inner-city areas and our prize will enable 500 children to experience trips outside of their school setting where they ‘give back’ to a local cause. For example a small community run farm where they would stay and help with its day to day running whilst they are there. 
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